I'm a longtime journalist and widely published nonfiction writer. I teach writing and coach individuals to write books.

I began my career as an editor at Outside, where I conceived, developed and edited hundreds of stories by some of America’s finest journalists. I left the editing staff at Outside in 1997, and spent more than a decade working as a freelance journalist.

I traveled across America and around the world. I interviewed and wrote longform stories about spiritual gurus in India and Messiahs in Jerusalem. I rode the campaign bus with presidential candidates and broke bread with cult leaders. I played polo with tech billionaires in India and pounded vodka shots with Russian cosmonauts. I hiked in Jesus’ footsteps in Galilee and road-tripped across Palestine. I interviewed celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, explorers, spiritual gurus, and anarchists. 

My book, Real Mosquitoes Don’t Eat Meat, was published by W.W. Norton. My work has been published in The New York Times MagazineGQWiredNational Geographic AdventureMen's JournalTravel + LeisureBest American Travel Writing, among others.

I had a career that most writers dream about, but it wasn’t until my late thirties that I discovered an additional calling: teaching writing and coaching authors. In my 40s, I started reflecting on my life and spent months traveling the Middle East. I saw the many ways that travel changes us by showing us new landscapes, cultures, and different points of view. My journey to the holy land also sent me inward. I began to study religions and spirituality and to see the connections between eastern and western spirituality. I began to practice yoga, and I became a yoga teacher, as well. I saw that we are our best self when we are serving others.  From this new way of seeing, I began to teach writing and share what I learned in two decades as a professional editor and writer  I discovered my passion for helping people tell their stories, and I started my work as a writing teacher and coach. Today, I write, edit, and coach up-and-coming writers.  

You can read all about my personal journey my upcoming book, The River Is Everywhere.

I enjoy coaching writers. I help them become better, more powerful writers and to write the books that are inside them. With more than two decades of experience as a professional writer, editor, teacher, and coach, I am steeped in real-world writing and publishing experience.

My Philosophy:

Telling stories–and helping people tell stories–is my skill and passion. The power of story–the ways in which story can make, define, sink, or free us–is a thread that runs through all my writing and teaching. I believe that telling our stories helps us live with more compassion, courage, impact, connectedness, and love. 

My philosophy derives from extensive experience as a journalist, editor, and teacher. I spent more than a decade as a working magazine journalist. I traveled the world on assignment. The experiences I had while reporting stories in Greenland, Palestine, Indonesia, the Amazon, and beyond was a gift. It taught me that stories are everywhere and that everybody has a story that is worth telling–and worth listening to. 

I've also worked as a professional editor. In this role, I've mastered the art and craft of storytelling, and I've learned this key lesson: stories are more powerful when told well.

Now, I bring the lessons that I learned on the road and behind the desk to bear as a teacher of writing and writing coach. I help people mine their inner stories and get them down on the page. I help them hone their stories into powerful masterpieces.

More About Brad Wetzler Coaching:

My Experience:

I am a published author and storyteller. My stories have been published in The New York Times Magazine and Book ReviewNewsweekGQWiredTravel + LeisureNational Geographic Adventure, the Best American Travel Writing series, Men's JournalGeorge, and Outside, where I was a senior editor.

My book, Real Mosquitoes Don't Eat Meat (W.W. Norton's Countryman Press), is a collection of writings from my days as Outside magazine's "Wild File" columnist.

I was a columnist for Universal Press Syndicate and a contributing editor at Outside and George magazines.

I have a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University. I have taught writing at The College of Santa FeColorado Writing School, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, The Book Project, among other venues. I have spoken as a guest lecturer at the University of ColoradoUniversity of New MexicoNew Mexico State University, and other schools and universities. I am currently writing a travel memoir about the Middle East.

My Services:

I am an editor, book coach, and publishing consultant. I offer skilled, thorough developmental editing services and life-changing coaching in all writing and publishing matters. I can help you write your book or guide you through the process of writing a book proposal. I coach aspiring writers working in all genres and guide my clients in all aspects of the writing process. I help people become published authors. I have deep experience and a proven track record. I have taught thousands of people to become better storytellers and to realize their dreams of becoming authors.