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Enlightened-ish is a book club and a community for seekers. It’s for people who long to have deeper connections with others, a greater sense of community, and more meaning in their lives. It’s for people who want to read, reflect, and talk about the things in life that really matter – and grow in the process.

Our focus is on healing, recovery, growth, and personal and spiritual transformation.

If you’re already enlightened-ish or hoping to become enlightened-ish, this is the book club for you.

The Enlightened-ish Book Club for Your Soul

Our Enlightened-ish community will meet monthly on Zoom to discuss books that have the potential to help us heal, recover, grow, and transform.

We’ll read contemporary and classic books (nonfiction essays, memoirs, fiction, and even poetry) about “soul topics,” including books about spirituality, psychology, hope, and healing. Gatherings will include guided, interactive discussions and breakout groups where members of our community can discuss what the books bring forth in each person’s own life.

Why Enlightened-ish?

I’m Enlightened-ish, and you can be Enlightened-ish, too!

My name’s Brad, and I’m an author, journalist, writing mentor, and yoga and mindfulness teacher. I teach a Writing to Find Your Fire memoir course and host the Enlightened-ish podcast about adventure, healing, emotional wellness, and spirituality. My memoir, Into the Soul of the World, will be published in 2023.

And I’m extremely excited to be leading the Enlightened-ish Book Club.

I’ve spent three decades writing about personal and spiritual transformation and helping people explore, reframe, and share their own journeys.

The book club is part of the quiet revolution I’m leading to help people reframe and transform the way they think about and live their lives.

Brad Wetzler is an author and memoir writing coach. Make this the year you complete your memoir. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.

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But I’m Not Sure I’m on a Spiritual Path …

Join the club (literally and figuratively). Depending on the day, I’m not always sure I’m on a spiritual path either. Some people who join will consider themselves to be on a spiritual path, but it’s certainly not a requirement!

I believe Jung was right when he wrote that the very best thing we can do to heal our world is to heal ourselves. Too many people who are unhealthy try to take on the world, and they end up doing less good than they would if they focused closer to home. For this reason, I also like Sharon Salzberg’s “three feet of influence” concept, which focuses on your three feet of influence: heal yourself, your family, your workplace, and maybe your community.

Enlightened-ish: A Book Club for Your Soul is a place to explore. It’s for anyone seeking more purpose, meaning, and depth in their lives. Our book club community is a heartfelt and radical attempt to help us all reclaim our time, our attention, and, yes, even our souls.

During our book club gatherings, I’ll certainly encourage discussions of diversity and cultural appropriation. Our main focus, however, will be on our own healing and on gaining a greater understanding of ourselves.

What Is a Good Life?

That’s the real question, isn’t it? Well, at least it is for me. And I think it may be for you, too.

Confession: I’m a bit of a weirdo. I rarely read to be entertained. For the most part, I read to understand my life, including issues I’m dealing with personally. I like to dig deep to expand my understanding of myself and my place in the world.

In the Enlightened-ish Book Club, the books we read will stir deep thoughts about life and how we choose to live it. (I promise that we’ll read some fun and entertaining books, too!)

Diving deep takes grit and hard work. Living the examined life isn’t always a walk in the park. But this work is so worth it. Together, the members of the Enlightened-ish community will challenge each other and empower transformation.

Your life experience and your learning are in you. Your story’s in you. If you’re aching to dig deeper and learn about the world around you – and learn about yourself in the process – then this is the book club for you.

Kind Words from Friends and Fans

Captain Paul A. Jones Author of "From Farm to Ocean"

For years I've wanted to tell the story of my life. I have lots of bits and pieces, have started many times but became distracted and failed to progress. Brad Wetzler has helped me outline my project, encouraged me when I felt discouraged, motivated me when I was lacking focus, and pushed me to tell interesting stories rather than just list boring details. If you too want to write but can't seem to get started or have started but aren't making progress, I would urge you to hire Mr. Wetzler to assist you. You will not regret it.

    Alicia Patterson Author of "The Secret to Female Vitality: Demystify Your Body, Boost Energy, and Gain Mental Clarity Through Pelvic Health"

    Working with Brad has been a transformative experience as he has been the catalyst for turning a solid and potent idea (but lacking structure and cohesiveness) into a real live book proposal. His ability to bring focus to something expansive without losing the heart of the content is one of my biggest appreciations. Brad helped me add sophistication and availability to my writing without changing the intention and message of my ideas. He has helped me put a vision into grounded reality and for that gift I am eternally grateful.

      Book Club FAQs

      Q. What’s This Book Club All About?

      Healing, recovery, growth, and personal and spiritual transformation.

      Q. Is This Book Club Like a Formal Class or Lecture??

      Nope! This book club is a community of introspective, Enlightened-ish people who are committed to continued learning and personal growth. The book club will include study questions, writing prompts, guided discussion, and small group conversation.

      Q. Isn’t Spiritual Work a Little Too “Me” Focused and Selfish?

      I often hear people say that spiritual work is solipsistic and selfish. I couldn’t disagree more. Our world would be a better place if we each focused on being the best person we could be and if we all did the work required to heal and grow instead of shifting blame to others. Garden. Talk long walks. Meditate and do yoga. Read books that challenge you and discuss those books with a community that’s also willing to do the work.

      Q. Can an Unenlightened Person Join?

      Of course! The Enlightened-ish Book Club is a passion project of mine, and I’m committed to doing it justice. That means anyone who wants to learn and grow and challenge themselves is welcome to join. My goal is to make the book club a valuable and rewarding experience for the enlightened, enlightened-ish, and unenlightened alike.

      Q. What If I Miss a Book Club Gathering?

      No problem! While I hope to see you on Zoom every month, book club sessions will be recorded. You can watch the recordings if you miss a session or if you want to refresh yourself on the topics covered.

      Q. Will I Do Any Writing as a Member of This Book Club?

      I hope so! Each month, I’ll share study questions and a writing prompt that will help you explore the topic in depth before and after that month’s gathering.

      Q. Can I Invite Friends and Family Members to Join?

      Absolutely! The more, the merrier. (As a bonus, you may find that your Enlightened-ish book club experiences enable you and your friends and family to have deeper, richer, more thoughtful conversations about the things that matter most to each of you.)

      But I Already Belong to a Book Club …

      Not like this one, you don’t.

      My clients include New York Times best-selling authors, journalists, CEOs and entrepreneurs, Ivy League academics, psychotherapists and life coaches, professional athletes, mountaineers, and adventurers, spiritual teachers, and thought leaders from all walks of life. Bottom-line: I play an instrumental role in helping people reflect, learn, heal, and transform.

      I bring to this book club the same passion (and compassion) I’ve brought to my own writing and teaching for more than two decades. Self-examination and introspection are challenging but rewarding – and they require equal amounts of self-compassion and grit.

      A devoted practitioner and teacher of yoga, I will bring the same dedicated, mindful approach to this book club that I bring to my daily yoga practice. I respect and adhere to the yogic ideals of honesty, respect, and kindness, and I’ll reinforce these ideals in our community. In fact, honesty, respect, and kindness will be the hallmarks of everything we do.

      Into the Soul of the World

      Into the Soul of the World is a memoir by author and memoir writing coach Brad Wetzler.

      My memoir, Into the Soul of the World, will be published in the spring of 2023.

      It’s a story about my decade-long, round-the-world journey to cope with addiction and heal from trauma. I’ll take you to Palestine, Greenland, India, the Amazon, and other remote places. I’ll also invite you onto my yoga mat and meditation cushion, inside psychiatrist’s and therapist’s offices, and deep inside my own psyche.

      I face my inner demons with persistence and courage and share a roadmap for healing that may help anyone facing trauma and addiction.

      My message to you: Yes, we can heal.

      A Book Club for Your Soul




      Heal and Grow

      The Enlightened-ish Book Club is a space for reading, reflection, community engagement, and personal growth. It’s a book club for your soul and community that stands behind the idea of living with clarity and intention.

      The Enlightened-ish Book Club in a Nutshell

      Each month, members will receive:

          • The upcoming reading assignment
          • Questions to consider while reading
          • A journaling/writing prompt
          • A post-meeting journaling/writing prompt

      Each month, book club members will gather for a two-hour, live, interactive book club gathering on Zoom. Each gathering will involve a large group guided discussion and small group breakout sessions. After the gathering, members will receive a follow-up journaling/writing prompt.

      The Enlightened-ish Book Club will focus on healing, recovery, growth, and personal and spiritual transformation. Make the Enlightened-ish Book Club for Your Soul part of your own personal journey toward healing, growth, and transformation. Sign up today.

      What you’ll get:

      • One book club gathering per month on Zoom on the First Wednesday of each Month At 8 PM ET Starting on January 4, 2023.
      • Combination of guided, interactive discussion large group discussion and small breakout group discussions
      • Monthly reading assignment, questions to consider while reading, and journaling/writing prompts
      • $47/month recurring subscription
      • You can join the book club at any time, as well as pause or cancel your monthly subscription at any time

      Advance Praise for Brad Wetzler's

      ADVENTURES IN HEALING: My Decade-Long, Round-the-World Quest to Overcome Drug Addiction and Cope with Trauma

      In the age of toxic masculinity and “mansplaining;” in a country in which most violent crimes are committed by men, Brad Wetzler’s Adventures in Healing offers a powerful, profound, and deeply personal road map for actively cultivating a different kind of manhood. As a young journalist in the 90s, Wetzler had it all: an amazing, enviable job as a travel and adventure journalist that sent him all over the world on assignments; a home in beautiful Santa Fe; a loving marriage. At the height of magazine journalism, Wetzler’s passport was littered with stamps, and he edited and wrote features for high-profile magazines like the New York Times, George, National Geographic, and many others. He commissioned Jon Krakauer’s piece about the lost climbers of Mt. Everest that later became the international bestselling book and hit movie, Into Thin Air.

      But then the demons and trauma from his childhood caught up with him, and he sunk into a depression that increasing amounts of prescription drugs could not solve, and soon found himself divorced, essentially house-bound, and physically unhealthy.

      He hit rock bottom when a friend – who was on a similar cocktail of medications — died by suicide. Adventures in Healing traces his road to recovery, from a checkpoint in Palestine to the cave of a 100-year-old yogi in India. He kicks the drugs, finds yoga, moves to Colorado, and learns — through the love of friends, animals, and a hard-won spiritual awakening that can’t be put into any particular dogmatic box — to be a man that is not celebrated often enough. A man of wisdom, kindness, insight, tenderness, and sensitivity.

      Through energetic and lively prose, Wetzler takes us inside the heart and mind of a man who refuses to conform to society’s restrictive notion of manhood, and instead presents a new path for men to walk. This is not an easy path, Wetzler is clear, but we’ve never needed it more.

      – Emily Rapp Black

      author of The Still Point of the Turning World and Sanctuary.

      –Hampton Sides Author of Ghost Soldiers, Blood and Thunder, Hellhound on His Trail, and others

      As a far-flung journalist and celebrated editor, Brad Wetzler has led the very definition of an adventurous life, but in ADVENTURES IN HEALING he'll give an unflinching account of his interior adventures. Wetzler’s soulful quest, by turns anguished and transcendent, will resonate with readers around the world who struggle to find purpose and a sense of the holy in the ambient jitter of the digital age.

        Brad Wetzler is an author and memoir writing coach. Make this the year you complete your memoir. Download the free "How to Tell a Great Story" e-book and schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.

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