How My Coaching Works and Rates

My writing coach program is ideal for writers of memoir, general nonfiction, and narrative nonfiction.  I also have a blog coaching program for writers who want to launch or improve their author websites and blogs. The blog coaching program is perfect for established authors or writers who are getting ready to publish and want to build a platform.

How It Works

I structure my coaching around these four phases. 

Phase I: Helping you understand the book you are writing. We will do several written exercises to deepen your understanding of what you want to write about. At the end of Phase I, you're ready for Phase II. 

Phase II: Structuring your book. Together we create a solid structure and foundation that will serve you in Phase III.

Phase III: Writing your book and/or a book proposal. I provide support and accountability to make sure that you make progress and that you reach your goal of finishing your book.

Phase IV: Publishing consulting. I help you to find a publisher and/or to self publish your book.

Coaching is conducted via Skype video conferencing and email. During the first week of the coaching program, you’ll describe your writing experience and objectives. This will help us set goals that you’ll work toward. Each week, you’ll send an update explaining what progress you’ve made and what obstacles are getting in your way. You’ll also send written material for review.

The coaching is completely customized to your needs, skill level, and the particulars of your project.

You’ll also receive personalized guidance to help you reach your goals and become a better writer, including recommendations for books, magazines, websites, podcasts, and other writing resources that are chosen especially for your style, goals, and skill level.

I will support you by providing encouragement when you make progress toward your goals, and I’ll offer tips and advice on how to overcome challenges that are interfering with your writing projects. Through the writing coach program, you’ll receive one-on-one support and guidance.

How to Get Started

To get started, simply contact me and tell me about your writing. Let me know what you write and what you’d like to accomplish through the writing coach program. There’s no obligation until you decide to sign up. Openings in the program are limited.

I look forward to helping you improve your writing and reach your goals.