Turning Life into Story

All of us experience drama in our life--both good drama and hard drama--that seems perfect to write about. But turning these experiences into compelling story is harder than it looks. On April 12, I'm teaching a class at the Colorado Writing School called Turning Life into Story. 

Here's more from the class description:

Even a dramatic experience that seems as if it might "write itself" can be difficult and labor-intensive. We can end up disappointed that the writing didn't capture the essence of the experience. How do accomplished writers such as Jon Krakauer, Anne Lamott, or Joan Didion write powerful narrative so consistently? This class will examine a variety of nonfiction forms, from the memoir to personal essay to longform journalism. We'll discuss two important tools that nonfiction writers employ: compression and conflation, and how to use these tools with integrity and confidence. We'll also discuss important techniques drawn from fiction. Students will write and share with the class a variety of exercises that develop core craft for writing narrative nonfiction. By the end of the class, students will have new tools and, hopefully, they will feel as if they have permission to approach their nonfiction storytelling more creatively. 

Cost: $60/$50 if you sign up for the member discount program which you can do at www.coloradowritingschool.com