Write a book! Publish!

Are you somebody with stories to tell and things to say? Do you know you have a book “inside” you, but you don’t know the first thing about how to write one?

Writing a book will change you. A book can help you build a business, heal your past, even locate your true purpose and best self.

The truth is that writing a book can transform your life. Experience a new world of possibilities as an author. Writing Coach Brad Wetzler will show you how to write a book, create a compelling book proposal to get published—or self publish. Discover how his award-winning book writing courses, editing services, and expert advice can bring your book to life. Experience a new world of possibilities as a published author.

“For years I’ve wanted to tell the story of my life. I have lots of bits and pieces, have started many times but became distracted and failed to progress. Brad Wetzler has helped me outline my project, encouraged me when I felt discouraged, motivated me when I was lacking focus, and pushed me to tell interesting stories rather than just list boring details. If you too want to write but can’t seem to get started or have started but aren’t making progress, I would urge you to hire Brad to assist you. You will not regret it.”
--Paul Jones, Shawnee Mission, Kansas

Why A Book Writing Coach

A book writing coach is different from a writing coach or editor. A writing coach focuses on all kinds of writing, as well as writing habits to help you be productive. An editor provides feedback and guidance on your writing. A book writing coach like Brad Wetzler will:

  • Guide you to writing a nonfiction book (especially memoir, self-help, how-to, business and more)
  • Help you break through any writing blocks
  • Help you develop the habits of a productive writer who starts and finishes their work!
  • Guide you in writing a book proposal to attract a publisher, as well as edit the proposal and, when appropriate, contact agents or publishers on your behalf
  • Help you make decisions when you get an offer from more than one publisher (or more than one agent).
  • Evaluate your “author platform,” brainstorm ideas to grow it to the point it meets publishers’ and agents’ requirements
  • Aid you in creating a platform building strategy that’s authentic to you and enjoyable to develop
  • Refer you to colleagues who can help you with specific aspects of platform building.
  • Refer you to designers and Amazon marketing experts if you wish to self-publish

In the case of a book that is not in Brad’s genre, he can refer you to colleagues who are book writing coaches, editors, and publishing experts with expertise in children’s books, novels, cookbooks, and more.

“As my writing teacher and coach, Brad Wetzler helped me tremendously. He knows how to ask the key questions that a writer of memoir and personal essay must ask themselves on the page. He challenged me in a major way. I value his insightful, nurturing one-on-one approach to coaching.”

--Amanda McCracken, Boulder, Colorado

More About Brad Wetzler’s Book Coaching

I have been editing and coaching writers for more than two decades. I have taught hundreds of people to become better storytellers and to realize their dream of becoming published writers.

My services include manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, and one-on-one video coaching. I coach aspiring authors of all abilities working in all genres. I guide my clients in all aspects of the writing process. I will take you from the seed of an idea to the final product.

Whether you’re a memoirist, novelist, entrepreneur, or thought leader, I will help you write your book. I will also help you build your platform and grow your audience. I bring extensive experience and professionalism to every client. I customize my support to your individual needs and desires.

Through my work with Brad I have become a more direct and accessible writer, speaker, and therapist. He helped me loosen my academic speech to uncover my true voice and purpose. While I thought I was just writing a book, I have emerged with a fully integrated vision of what I have to offer the world.
--Melissa Walker, MA, LPC, R-DMT, Director

Why Work With Me?

1. I have extensive experience as a professional writer and editor. I’ve been published widely.

2. I care deeply about stories and I know how to coach others to tell stories that motivate and inspire others.

3. I am on the pulse of the publishing industry, and have monitored the changes in both traditional and self-publishing—all to give you exceptional advice that will help you to get your ideas out of your head and to the public.

“Brad Wetzler has turned out to be my dream writing coach. Brad has a knack for easing me out of my head – my comfort zone — and into my heart. His feedback always feels sensitive, responsive, and exactly what I need to improve. He gives the input I need to hear, even if it isn’t always the feedback I want to hear. He has helped me understand the realities of the marketplace without squelching my passion for writing or vision for my memoir.”
--J.S., Denver, Colorado



You have a story to tell, but are frustrated trying to write a book.

I can help you navigate the writing process, organize your stories into a compelling book concept, edit your writing and coach you through the process of getting our stories out into the world. Schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation here to discuss your story and how I might be able to help.


You have a great book concept, but are struggling to get it published.

I can help you create a smart book proposal, navigate the publishing industry, find an agent who will be interested in your book, and help you strategically approach publishers. Schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation here to discuss how I can help you get published.


You want to publish a book, but you don’t have time to write one.

I have a team of highly qualified ghost writers who can help turn your idea into a real book. I can help you navigate the process of working with a ghost writer to create a cohesive book that aligns with your vision. Schedule a free 20 minutes phone consultation here to discuss
how I can help.