My One-on-One Book Writing Coaching Program

You may have tried to write a memoir on your own without a memoir coach…

Brad Wetzler Book Writing Coach

You may have taken workshops with famous authors who promised to show you how to write a memoir…

You may have tried the “write a memoir as fast as you can” programs”…


Instead of struggling on your own, hoping for a miracle, or just looking for answers in the wrong places, hire memoir writing coach Brad Wetzler to guide you to success as you write a memoir or nonfiction book. Here’s why:

You will have

It’s hard to make excuses when you know your memoir coach will be following up with you.

You will have

As an experienced writer, writing instructor, editor, and memoir coach, Brad Wetzler can be counted on to answer your questions and give you clarity in your writing and publishing processes.

You will be able to

Having a knowledgeable memoir coach guide you through the writing process to write a memoir gives you a clear vision of your goal so you can get to it faster.

I’m an experienced memoir coach, and I will provide the resources, knowledge, and experience to help you write a book.  You provide the passion and dedication–all around your schedule.

When you:

  • commit to writing your draft in 6 months
  • schedule your sessions regularly
  • create reasonable deadlines for yourself
  • utilize the email and FB group support
  • discipline yourself because you have the desire to be a published writer


  • you will have completed the goal of finishing your memoir or nonfiction book–and in a timely manner!
  • thanks to my experience and guidance, your draft will be far more sophisticated than a typical author’s first. You’ll be well on your way to putting your book into the world through traditional or self-publishing!

How A Memoir Writing Coach Works

I’ve been editing and coaching writers for more than two decades. I’m an author as well as a book writing coach.
I make a solemn commitment to my clients that I’ll be there for them. In return, I ask that you commit to work with me for a minimum of six months. Our mutual commitments all but ensures you will make significant progress during this time. Many clients finish their books.

Exactly how we work together depends on where you are in your writing journey. Here are some options:

1. Daylong Coaching Intensives

Get clear and build momentum. We hunker down for a full day, and we don’t stop till you’re sure of the focus, the audience, the structure. You will know how to make people care about your writing and your ideas. You will have a complete, comprehensive “bookmap” that will serve you well. You’ll have a table of contents, a solid understanding of areas you will need to research, a strategy for getting the work done. If this option sounds useful to you, contact me describing your project and let’s schedule a time to talk.

2. Ongoing Book and Memoir Writing Coaching

Feedback and Accountability. This option is perfect if you know you need ongoing support or you simply won’t get the work done. We periodically, usually once or twice per month. We brainstorm. We talk big ideas and crucial themes. I hold your hand and hold you accountable. I give you feedback on your writing. I teach you about the craft.

If this option feels best for you, contact me describing your book and writing background and let’s schedule a time to talk. I offer six-month coaching packages of various levels depending on how often you’d like to meet.

3. Manuscript Review

Expert critique and a comprehensive roadmap for going forward. This option is best if you’ve already written your book or if you’ve written most of it. If you’d like me to review your manuscript (of any length–it can be an essay or a book), contact me describing the work and the total word count and I’ll be happy to provide an estimate.

4. Customized Book and Memoir Writing Coaching Packages for Bloggers, Speakers, Journalists, and Content Creators

For more information, contact me describing your needs and let’s schedule a time to talk.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and a “no-excuses” approach to write a memoir or nonfiction book?

Memoir coach Brad Wetzler has a a one-on-one coaching package for everyone and every budget.

Silver "Self-Guided" Package

$ 1500 (or 6 payments of $299)

For 6 months

This package is for writers who want coaching support but also desire more flexibility to set their own pace.

What’s Included:

  • -Six 50-minute phone sessions for strategizing, reviewing submitted writing, and Q&A, (must use all sessions within twelve months).
  • -Six deadlines for submitting
  • -Email support (1-2 per month)
  • -Membership in my elite Facebook group for current clients

Gold Package

$ 2750 (or 6 payments of $499)

For 6 months

This package still gives you one-on-one coaching. It appeals to writers with busier schedules who are solid self-starters.

What’s included:

  • -Two 50 min phone sessions per month for Q&A and strategizing with Brad (12 total)
  • -2 deadlines per month for submitting. I will review and respond to each submission with a recorded video message
  • -Email support (2-3 per month)
  • -Membership in my elite Facebook group for current clients

Platinum PackageBest Value

$ 5400 (or 6 payments of $999)

For 6 months

This plan is for writers who want the maximum one-on-one coaching with Brad Wetzler

What’s included:

  • -6 months of author-coaching support
  • -Four 50-minute phone sessions per month for strategizing, reviewing your submitted writing, and Q&A. (24 total)
  • -Two deadlines per month for submitting your work. I respond with my critique and comments in our live one-on-one phone sessions.
  • -Email support (5-6 per month)
  • -Membership in my elite Facebook group for current clients

Other Services:

Consulting by the hour

$150/Per hour

What’s included:

  • The first 30 minutes are complimentary to decide what you need most help with.
  • You choose how you would like to spend our time together, whether it is brainstorming how to get clear on your path for writing, or how to best present your book proposal. Charges apply to one-on-one consulting and on-page developmental editing, as well as time spent reading your writing to prepare for our session.
Manuscript Critique/Evaluation

$1499/One-time Fee

What’s included:

A knowledgeable and experienced memoir coach, I will read your manuscript and offer a thorough, expert critique of its strengths and weaknesses.  My feedback will target the specific areas where you’ll need to focus your efforts during revision.

I’ll help you clarify your thesis and your main argument, make sure the manuscript’s organization supports it, help you tease out the examples that bring theory to life, and make sure the whole shebang is lively and presentable and does justice to your voice and your goals.

My general reviews run, on average, five to six pages.

I am confident you will be satisfied with your investment. If you are still unsure, know that before you invest I recommend we have a FREE 30 minute consultation together.

**Please note that any time spent over 30 minutes will be charged with the $225/hr consulting fee**
Schedule a free 30 min consultation with me to see if this is right for you.

Ready to get started?


I offer a FREE 30 min consultation

Please set up your session using the button above. Know that this consultation will be over the phone and must stay to 30 minutes, so please come with any questions or comments prepared!

All sessions will be by phone

You will book the slot that works for you, and I will give you a call. Remember to add your phone number!

I require 24 hours' notice for cancellations.

You may email me to cancel. If it is within 24 hours, we will consider that one of your sessions.

Your information is safe

I have a strict confidentiality policy and you can be rest assured that all your ideas, content, and information will stay between us.

5% to Brad

Brad will collect 5% of profits from book publication advances.