Brad Wetzler

Paul Cohen

Are you searching for purpose in your life and career? Do you seek to live and work from a place of strength and authenticity? Do you wish to make a difference in the world?

Ignite Your Life and Career through Storytelling

will take you from the fire-lit cave of ancient artists and modern mythmakers to the vast dawn of personal and professional breakthrough.

A three-hour intensive workshop brought to you by acclaimed journalist/storyteller Brad Wetzler and award-winning author Paul Cohen, Ignite Your Life and Career through Storytelling will give you the keys to the powerful realm of creative invention.

Consummate storytellers with decades of experience, Wetzler and Cohen have developed an exciting method that will teach you how to harness the ancient force of storytelling as a way to make real, significant change in your life and work. They draw on myth, brain science, genetic research, epic journeys of real-life heroes and the hard-won wisdom acquired through writing and journalistic careers.

As participants, you will learn to distinguish an ordinary story from the extraordinary, you will be introduced to the critical elements of character-driven narrative, you will engage in the process of excavating your own signature myth and you will walk away with a vital grasp of your life’s purpose as well as the power to generate an electric connection with any audience—a connection that will grow and resonate long after your tale is told.

Unburying the Purpose Story: An Interactive Interview Series

Unburying the Purpose Story: An Interview Series features top influencers in a broad range of fields, from big wave surfers to quantum physicists, being interviewed by a noted author. In other words, Doers tangling with Thinkers and Creators. Through pointed questioning and thrilling, free-flowing conversation, The Thinker/Creator slowly, skillfully, excavates The Doer’s purpose story–the signature myth that makes meaning of life so far and that aims the proverbial headlights into the fog of the future. This verbal excavation occurs in the course of the conversation, imbuing the interview with a real-time, interactive quality and ensuring that the story’s shape, when it finally emerges from the muck of memory and motivation and the masks of self-delusion, is a revelation to Doer, Creator and audience alike.

Unburying the Purpose Story: An Interview Series will be held in front of live audiences in the upscale lounge atmosphere of boutique hotels, in addition to being broadcast live as a podcast.