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Do you desire to publish your nonfiction book with a traditional publisher?

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Hire Book Proposal Coach Brad Wetzler.

Brad can guide you to write a book proposal. He tailors his book proposal coaching to each clients' specific needs. He will guide you through the process of writing a powerful nonfiction book proposal. Experience the new world of opportunities that writing and publishing a book can create for you.

Traditional publishing gets more competitive every year. Book Proposal Coach Brad Wetzler can help you create a book proposal that will get you noticed.

Book Proposal Coach Brad Wetzler helps nonfiction authors, especially how-to, self-help, and memoir authors, write book proposals. He specializes in helping leaders working in the fields of personal growth and positive change. His clients include business leaders, educators, psychotherapists, memoirists, world travelers, and spiritual teachers in all traditions. First, he'll guide you to develop a marketable book concept that is authentic to your vision and voice. Next, he'll guide you to write a compelling book proposal. He'll help you figure out your target markets and assist you in researching the competition. He'll coach you to improve your author platform and write an author bio that sells you, the author. He will help you fine-tune each book proposal section. With his help, your writing will sing so that your query letter and book proposal showcase your book idea and voice. With Brad's help, your book proposal will rise above the competition and grab the attention of agents and publishers. When you finally publish your book, you will have real authority in your field and you will experience a world of new possibilities.

If you prefer, author and Book Proposal Coach Brad Wetzler can ghostwrite your book proposal for you.

Brad Wetzler: Author, Journalist, Speaker, Book Writing Coach

Basic Book Proposal Coaching

$ 1,950

.What’s Included:

6 one-on-one book proposal coaching sessions via phone plus a written critique of your finished proposal.

Expanded Book Proposal CoachingMost Popular

$ 3100


What’s Included:

12 one-on-one book proposal coaching sessions via phone plus a written critique of your finished proposal.

Post-Coaching Editing Services

$ 1500-2100


Let me edit your book proposal.

Prices vary depending on length of proposal.
$1500 for 50-60 pages
$1800 for 60-80 pages
$2100 for 100-120 pages

Session 1 and 2: The Big Idea

Get clarity on your idea and the “hook” for your nonfiction book, name your personal “why” and unique POV, understand what makes a good book idea stand out to publishers, and identify how to best position your idea so that agents and editors won't say no. Outcome: A focused concept that will be the foundation for your book proposal.

Session 3: The Parts of the Book Proposal

In this session, we will explore the major parts of the book proposal: Intro, Markets for the Book, Competitive Review, Promotional Plan, About the Author, Book Overview, Book Outline, Chapter Summaries, Sample Chapter. I will offer expert insight into what makes a proposal “irresistible” to agents and editors. I will coach you to be write about your idea with power. You will receive specific assignment to begin writing each section.

Session 4: Chapter Summaries

We explore in depth the Chapter Summaries section, the crucial and most difficult section to write. In the Chapter Summaries section, you lay out your book idea in detail chapter by chapter.

Session 5: Sample Chapter

You receive expert instruction on writing your sample chapter, including advice on choosing the right chapter, how structure to structure the chapter, tips on writing an excellent chapter.

Session 6: Querying Agents and Next Steps

Learn about the role of agents in the book pitching process, find out how and where to find them, what to look for in an agent, and how to query them. Learn what agents are looking for and what they aren't. Receive expert advice about writing a query. Outcome: A short list of agents ideal for pitching your book idea to, as well as solid draft of an agent query letter.
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