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Show and Tell: How to Write Captivating Memoir and Nonfiction

Your Story Matters: Writing Your Authentic Life Story from the Inside Out

A Writing Retreat with Emily Rapp Black and Brad Wetzler with Yoga by Madeliene Tilin (smaller letters)

Boulder, Colorado January 19-21

Are you tired of those relentless January media messages convincing you that something’s inherently wrong with you? You know the articles and TV spots: the ones that tell you that you aren’t enough, that you must start working your butt off NOW to get a better body, mind, house, partner, LIFE. And if you lose steam or fail, well… Who would you be if you didn’t believe this pervasive cultural story that something was wrong with you? How would you live your life if you feel that nothing about you, your life, or your body needs to be fixed and improved?


We’ve created Your Story Matters: Writing Your Authentic Life Story from the Inside Out because we know how life-changing reclaiming and loving one’s life story can be.


We firmly believe that storytelling is a powerful path to self-acceptance. When we tell our honest, beautiful, messy, true story, we activate this inner knowing—that we are fine, just as we are—and we unlock more self-love and creative flow.


When you see how perfect you and your story already are, you will see your unique path to more joy, meaning, and purpose. And when you share that story in a community with like-minded souls in a safe retreat setting, you make friends that last a lifetime.


Join writers Emily Rapp Black and Brad Wetzler and yoga instructor Madeleine Tilin for two unforgettable days at Austin, Texas’ famous Writing Barn. You’ll participate in heart-opening writing exercises, explore soul-searching journal prompts, and engage in candid, open-hearted sharing in a supportive community of people who believe that the stories we tell ourselves and others matter and that there’s no need to wait, improve, or aspire to be perfect. We can write them now: from the inside out. This is an opportunity for all bodies to let go of the sense of falling short and instead find creative pathways to live in alignment with who you already are.


Brad Wetzler is an author and memoir writing coach. Make this the year you complete your memoir. Download the free "How to Tell a Great Story" e-book and schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.

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