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Brad Wetzler

Author, Transformational Book Writing Coach, Founder of The Yoga of Writing

I am an author, journalist, teacher, speaker, and coach. I write books and tell stories about the world out there and the universe inside us all. As a book writing coach, I help thought leaders, positive-change makers, and wellness professionals write book that change the world.

Are you somebody who has stories to tell and things to say? You know you have a book “inside” you, but you don’t know the first thing about how to write one? Writing a book will change you. A book can help you build a business, heal your past, even locate your true purpose and best self. The truth is that writing a book can transform your life.

It’s time to bring your book to life!

Ready to write your memoir? Hire a memoir writing coach and get started today!

• Do you want to play bigger in your life or business?

•Do you have big ideas you need to share with the world?

• Are you finally ready to speak the truth?

• Or do you simply want to discover your true self?

Why You Need a Memoir Writing Coach

Writing a book is a bucket-list goal that’s been nagging at you for months, maybe years. You started writing. But then doubts crept in, and you stopped. You started again. And stopped again. It’s in your desk drawer. You haven’t shown it to anybody.

Hiring a memoir writing coach is the next step if you are looking to move the process forward.

You know how to begin, but then the questions arise:

• Is your book the story of your life, or is about ideas, too?

• Should you include research and stories about other people? How should you structure it?

• Who are your readers, your audience? And how long will this process take anyway?

• Can you really pull off finishing a book?

If this sounds like you, breathe in, breathe out. Yes, writing a book—especially one about your life or your big ideas—can be intimidating. But it will also be one of the most rewarding and life-changing things you do.

I promise.

If you’re ready to stop playing small and start writing, let’s talk. As your memoir writing coach, I’d love to be your brainstorming partner, cheerleader, guide, and mentor.

Memoir Writing Coaching

Do you desire to write a memoir? Do you wish to tell your life story, but you don’t know the first thing about how to write one? Consider hiring the award-winning writing coach with real-world writing, editing, and publishing experience.

Writing a memoir will change you. A book can help you build a business, heal your past, even locate your true purpose and best self. Discover how book writing coach Brad Wetzler’s award-winning writing courses, book-proposal coaching, editing services, and expert advice can bring your book to life.

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Would you like to write a memoir but lack the time to write it yourself? Hire ghostwriter and book writing coach Brad to ghostwrite a book for you. Brad Wetzler has twenty years of experience in the publishing industry. He’s worn many hats, including senior editor at a major national magazine, journalist, freelance writer, contributing writer, book author, book editor, book writing coach, and writing teacher. He’ll take your ideas and your voice and create a powerful book that will help grow your business and reputation.

A former columnist for Outside magazine, he is the founder of a startup writing instruction project called The Yoga of Writing. His book, Real Mosquitoes Don’t Eat Meat, was published by W.W. Norton.

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Book Proposal Coaching

Do you desire to publish your nonfiction book with a traditional publisher? Then you will need to write a book proposal. Hire book writing coach Brad Wetzler. He will guide you through the process of writing a powerful book proposal. Experience the new world of opportunities that writing and publishing a book can create for you. Traditional publishing gets more competitive every year.

Book Writing Coach Brad Wetzler specializes in helping nonfiction authors, especially how-to, self-help and memoir authors, develop a marketable book concept that remains authentic to your vision and voice. Brad will then guide you to write a compelling book proposal, helping you hone your author voice and fine-tune each section of the proposal, so that your query letter and book proposal rise above the hundreds of others agents and publishers get every week.

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“Brad Wetzler has turned out to be my dream writing coach. Brad has a knack for easing me out of my head – my comfort zone — and into my heart. His feedback always feels sensitive, responsive, and exactly what I need to improve. He gives the input I need to hear, even if it isn’t always the feedback I want to hear. He has helped me understand the realities of the marketplace without squelching my passion for writing or vision for my memoir.”

J.S., Denver, Colorado

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