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Hi, I'm Brad, The Non-fiction and Memoir Book Writing Coach. I help thought leaders, positive-change-makers, and wellness professionals write and publish books that transform others' lives. My clients get more leads, income, and opportunities to positively impact the world.

Are you looking to elevate your life and career? Do you have stories, ideas, and life-lessons you wish to share with your clients, customers, and the world?

It’s time to bring your book to life.

You know you have a book “inside” you, but you don’t know the first thing about how to write one? Writing a book will change you. A book can help you build a business, heal your past, even locate your true purpose and best self.

Writing a book can transform your life and career!

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What Are Clients Saying about Brad's Coaching?

"I was in a tough spot before I found Brad Wetzler. I'd been working on a manuscript for Penguin-Random House for two years and rewritten the the entire text two times over. It was the sequel to a New York Times bestseller I put out a couple years prior. However, the editor assigned to me by my publisher couldn't offer me any useful advice for how to fix it. With deadlines looming, I needed to get the book done. So called up Brad and over the course of a month he helped me work the kinks out. He could see the forest for the trees, and gave me actionable advice that turned the book around. I'd highly recommend Brad to anyone looking for a structural or developmental edit. I'll definitely be using him again in the future."

Scott Carney Denver Colorado. Author of What Doesn't Kill Us and The Wedge.

Brad took the mystery out of book writing and broke things down for me step by step and tailored his mentorship to my writing needs. He challenged me to get to the root of my emotions so that I could engage my readers authentically. He made me do the emotional work! He consistently asked me the right questions at the right time so that I could unclutter my narrative. It was like book therapy! I’m happy to tell you that Brad’s work with me paid off! Just a few months into moving to New York City to option my book I picked up a book deal! If it weren’t for Brad I would’ve been stuck on my storyline, unable to break my story free! Pick it up this fall and check for Brad’s name in the acknowledgments! He’s the real deal!

Mimi Hayes, New York, New YorkAuthor of I'll Be OK, It's Just a Hole in My Head (Animal Media Group, Inc.)

Brad Wetzler has turned out to be my dream writing coach. Brad has a knack for easing me out of my head – my comfort zone — and into my heart. His feedback always feels sensitive, responsive, and exactly what I need to improve. He gives the input I need to hear, even if it isn’t always the feedback I want to hear. He has helped me understand the realities of the marketplace without squelching my passion for writing or vision for my memoir.

J.S.Denver, Colorado

About Brad

Brad Wetzler is an author, journalist, travel writer, and book writing coach with two decades of experience at the highest levels of publishing. His background in editing, writing, and publishing inform his mindful but competitive approach to coaching thought leaders to write and publish books that change the world. Brad is fueled by his passion for storytelling and turning clients’ big ideas into engaging prose that inspires readers to act, grow, and change. He is a published author (W.W. Norton) and working nonfiction journalist/writer whose articles appear in major national magazines.
A former senior editor and contributing editor at Outside and a former contributing editor at George (J.F.K., Jr.’s politics magazine), Brad’s work as an editor included assigning and editing longform articles to some of America’s finest nonfiction writers, such as John Krakauer, Chip Brown, and Ian Frazier. He stays apprised of the latest in article and book publishing trends, and he has a broad network of writing and publishing contacts.
A part-time yoga teacher and a world traveler, Brad brings a deep understanding of mindfulness, which he infuses into his approach to coaching clients. He is an evangelist for a self-compassionate approach to writing and creativity. When we our lives are in balance, our true creative selves can emerge and thrive.  His writing has been published in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Book Review, National Geographic, GQ, Wired, Yoga Journal, Men’s Journal, Travel + Leisure, Outside, and other publications.
Brad believes mindfulness is a key to writing success—a tenet he lives out through his interests in yoga, meditation, hiking, and playing music.  Brad is currently working on a book about travel and personal growth. Reach out to brad@bradwetzler.com to connect.

Why You Need a Writing Coach

Writing a book is a bucket-list goal that’s been nagging at you for months, maybe years. You started writing. But then doubts crept in, and you stopped. You started again. And stopped again. It’s in your desk drawer. You haven’t shown it to anybody.

Hiring a writing coach is the next step if you are looking to move the process forward. As writing coach, I am your brainstorming partner, cheerleader, guide, and mentor.

Writing a book—especially one about your life or your big ideas—can be intimidating. But it will also be one of the most rewarding and life-changing things you do.

How Can We Work Together?

Book Writing Coaching

I’m an experienced coach, and I will provide the resources and knowledge necessary to help you write a book.

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Do you want to publish your book with a traditional publisher? You will need a book proposal.

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Want a stand-out book that gets your ideas out there, with minimal typing and time? Let me write your book for you.

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Brad’s latest memoir essay, “Yoga Transformed Me after Depression,”  is featured in the current issue of Yoga Journal. 

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