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Are you somebody who has stories to tell and things to say? You know you have a book “inside” you but you don’t know the first thing about how to write one?

Writing a book will change you. A book can help you build a business, heal your past, even locate your true purpose and best self. 

The truth is that writing a book can transform your life. 

It’s time to bring your book to life!

Bring Your Book to Life with an Award Winning Book Writing Coach

Write a Book! Publish!

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Book Writing Coach Brad Wetzler will show you how to write a book, create a compelling book proposal to get published—or self publish. Discover how his award-winning book writing courses, editing services, and expert advice can bring your book to life. Experience a new world of possibilities as a published author. Contact Brad now to explore working together.

Why a Book Writing Coach?

A book writing coach is different from a writing coach or editor. A writing coach focuses on all kinds of writing, as well as writing habits to help you be productive. An editor provides feedback and guidance on your writing. A book writing coach like Brad Wetzler will:

  • Guide you to writing a nonfiction book (especially memoir, self-help, how-to, business and more)
  • Help you break through any writing blocks
  • Help you develop the habits of a productive writer who starts and finishes their work!
  • Guide you in writing a book proposal to attract a publisher, as well as edit the proposal and, when appropriate, contact agents or publishers on your behalf
  • Help you make decisions when you get an offer from more than one publisher (or more than one agent).
  • Evaluate your "author platform," brainstorm ideas to grow it to the point it meets publishers' and agents' requirements
  • Aid you in creating a platform building strategy that's authentic to you and enjoyable to develop
  • Refer you to colleagues who can help you with specific aspects of platform building.
  • Refer you to designers and Amazon marketing experts if you wish to self-publish

In the case of a book that is not in Brad's genre, he can refer you to colleagues who are book writing coaches, editors, and publishing experts with expertise in children's books, novels, cookbooks, and more.

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