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In 2011, I spent three months on walkabout in Israel and Palestine. At the time I was struggling with life. I wanted to see if I could believe in Jesus again as I did in my youth. I walked miles and miles in Jesus’ footsteps. Soaking in the Jordan River, I realized that I couldn’t believe again. But I discovered something huge: that no messiah can heal us or fix us. Not pills. Not religious dogma.Not travel. I came home changed. I recommitted to a daily yoga practice that I’d abandoned. On the yoga mat during the next years, I found what I couldn’t find on the road. Myself. Looking back on that pilgrimage, I see that sometimes we have to go external in order to go internal. I mean, it was necessary for me to go on that trip. I didn’t find what I was hoping to find. But I found something different, surprising, and, ultimately, that trip inspired me to do the hard work I needed to do to find myself again after years of self-abandonment. And here’s the weird thing: lately my yoga practice has been leading me back to real faith. It has led me to a new understanding of the divine. I don’t have to believe in God. I feel the divine in my muscle and bone. Have you needed to go external in order to go internal? Have you had a similar experience of going on a trip to a far-off place and, in the foreign landscape or culture, finding some exiled part of yourself. Tell me about it. I want to hear it all! Namaste, BradHere’s a pic from the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, 2011. #tbt#transformativetravel #yogaoftravel #yogaofwriting #yogaandquestfortrueself

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